village art showI came from a line of artisans, artists, antique dealers and designers of glassware.My family tree is peopled with architects, glass blowers, fine woodworkers and in general, people who are highly visual and love working with their hands. I have tried to carry on this family trait.

plain aire buddyI frequently head outdoors, both in the US and foreign lands to search for scenes that inspire me.

plain aire buddy

dfjMy philosophy is this: art is at everywhere, whether it be paintings on the wall, a landscape or a beautiful presentation of a special meal. The elements of art and design are found in all things - fashion, landscape, interior design, fiber, industrial design- It is the artist's responsibility to capture these elements to create their own interpetation. My paintings are mostly in oils, but some applications have been painting faux stained glass windows at upscale restaurants, painting full size bill boards, medical offices, a concrete wall in a play yard, a corporate office, industrial control room, on the side of a barn and the list goes on. I love to paint, I love to create and play with nature's colors.


Courtyard in old LiJiang